Jay Cutler Returns to Twitter

by Joe Rutland

Former National Football League quarterback Jay Cutler announced on Monday night that he is returning to Twitter.

Cutler, who played three seasons with the Denver Broncos, eight with the Chicago Bears, and one with the Miami Dolphins, sent out this tweet.

A source close to Outsider confirms the account is real although it has yet to be verified.

Jay Cutler After NFL

Lately, Cutler has been staying busy with his work on his Nashville ranch and even his hunting adventures. We’ll get to that in a minute, but let’s look at some of his numbers from playing in the Windy City.

Jay Cutler holds numerous records from his time playing quarterback with the Chicago Bears. These numbers are through the 2017 season. Cutler holds records for most career completions (2,020) and for one season (370 in 2014). Also, most pass attempts for his Bears’ career (3,271) and for one season (561 in 2014).

Cutler Retired From NFL After 2017 Season, Then Un-Retired For 1 Season

Other Bears-related records include passing touchdowns for a career (154) and for a playoff game, where he threw two against the Seattle Seahawks on Jan. 16, 2011.

In 2017, Cutler retired from the NFL after the season. He reportedly had plans to join Fox as an NFL commentator. However, the Dolphins signed him after losing quarterback Ryan Tannehill to an ACL injury before the 2017 campaign started.

Cutler then could have taken the job at Fox for the 2018 season, but he decided against it.

As 2020 came to an end, Jay Cutler was spending a lot of time taking care of business around his Nashville farm.

In recent months, Cutler has been busy keeping his Instagram followers busy. Much to his fans’ delight, it looks like he is going to start sharing his thoughts on Twitter as well.

Cutler Enjoys the Great Outdoors, Too

Cutler also likes to treat his followers to a look at the outdoorsman side of his personality on social media.

He even bagged an impressive elk during a recent Montana hunting trip.

At the time, Cutler posted two photos of himself posing next to the massive elk on his Instagram page. It’s an incredible kill without a doubt to go along with the incredible Montana scenery.

“That’s a wrap in MT. @christensenarms is 2-2 so far,” Cutler wrote.

But just a little bit before his hunt in Montana, Cutler showed off a photo of another elk he took down. This one, though, was in New Mexico.

“It’s a wrap in NM. Amazing hunt. Short but sweet,” Cutler says, posing with the elk.

Jay Cutler has made no secret of his love of hunting. The Indiana native grew up hunting. In September 2020, he posted a photo of a successful hunt he took with his dad.