Jay Cutler Shares Elf on The Shelf Saga: From Games to Snacks to Trashing His House

by Madison Miller
(Gabrielson/NFLPhotoLibrary/Getty Images)

It’s pretty clear Jay Cutler is in the holiday spirit. His Elf on the Shelf game is beyond strong – you can’t debate that.

The former NFL quarterback has already proven his talents in the field and on the hunt, but now he proves he can deck the halls as well.

Elf on the Shelf: A Cutler Series

In a recent string of photos, Cutler posted the elf on the shelf in his house doing all kinds of things from gaming to snacking.

It starts with the two elves playing a game together on the table. The two Cutler elves are pictured battling in a (seemingly close) game of Guess Who?

This isn’t the only game the two elves play. They are also pictured playing a game of UNO as well. Cutler even takes it over the top by giving each of the elves a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Chicago Bears tight end, Zach Miller, commented “Uno was enough… then you had to add the hot chocolate?? And mallows?”

Besides snacking on hot chocolate, the two elves also take a break to eat from the “main food groups.”

Of course, if you know every line of Will Ferrel’s in Elf, you already know those food groups. “Candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup!”

The elves are sipping straws from a bottle of maple syrup, of course. Delicious and nutritious!

The sugary snacks led to a major sugar high though… The pent up energy led the mischievous elves to strike back. In the final image of Cutler’s series, he got TPed. Hanging off his chandelier, Christmas tree, and other decorations, are long strands of toilet paper.

The elves just casually stand in the middle of the chaos.

Miller commented again saying, “Where are you getting these ideas!? I’m so disappointed in myself.”

Another person hilariously commented, “It’s 2020. You better save that TP.”

Jay Cutler is clearly ready for Christmas as it approaches just 13 days away. We’re taking notes on his creativity – and pretty jealous of these elves adventures. Can’t wait to watch for more as we sip on syrup and the other food groups, of course.