Is Jaylen Brown Shading James Harden Over Potential Boston Celtics Move?

by Will Shepard

James Harden clearly wants out of Houston. But are the Boston Celtics the team that will welcome him? Probably not, based on a recent Jaylen Brown Instagram story and a comment from Celtic Semi Ojeleye.

On a Twitch stream, Semi Ojeleye says that he isn’t a fan of the idea. In fact, he says, “Honestly, I don’t know if he would fit.”

It doesn’t take much digging to know that is a true statement. Boston’s chemistry is dependent on their young stars sharing the ball. That would likely change immediately with Harden on the floor. Another important consideration is whether or not Boston wants to mortgage their future for a 31-year old.

However, more Celtics chime in on the Harden to Boston idea. Jaylen Brown, who is certainly one of the best players on the team, took to Instagram to share his displeasure with the trade rumors.

Brown’s story is a picture of him letting out a yell after scoring, while Harden is in the background. But, Harden is a bit blurred and looks almost dazed behind the excited Brown.

Celtics Will Struggle to Land James Harden After Commitment to Jayson Tatum

In particular, superstar Jayson Tatum is certainly not on the list of players that Houston can ask for. However, there are a number of options that the Celtics to put together to get James Harden out of Houston.

All that said, it seems that Jayson Tatum may not be a great fit playing next to Harden. Tatum, over the past two seasons, has established himself as the lead, go-to guy for the Celtics. Harden likes to have the ball and shoot, so the two might not mesh well together.

Notably, Tatum just signed a massive extension to remain in Boston for the next while. That is excellent news for Celtics fans, but it also means that the Celtics will refuse to trade him.

This means that for the Rockets and Celtics to make a trade happen, it will likely require stars, Jaylen Brown or Marcus Smart, and a handful of picks. But it seems that some Celtics players are not fond of the idea of getting the Houston superstar.

Some players are more vocal about their desire to not have Harden on the team than others. Nonetheless, it is very telling about how Harden plays basketball.

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