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Jeff Foxworthy Soaks in Georgia National Championship Victory over Alabama

by TK Sanders
Photo credit: David Livingston/Getty Images

America’s favorite “redneck” comic Jeff Foxworthy loves his Georgia Bulldogs. Last night his boys in red and black beat fellow SEC powerhouse Alabama 33-18 in the National Championship game. It was Georgia’s first title in football since 1980 — which would have made Foxworthy, 63, college-aged himself when the ‘Dawgs last won the big one.

Unsurprisingly, Foxworthy had some jokes about the budding rivalry leading up to kickoff. Speaking to local Indianapolis television affiliate WVTM before the game, the comic made a funny plea to Alabama fans.

“Y’all [Bama fans] are selfish. I mean, year after year after year, it’s been 40 years,” Foxworthy joked. “Just one, just one. We [Georgia fans] love football as much as you, we tailgate as much as you. I mean, we like to be happy as much as you. Can you not just share?”

Foxworthy was referencing Alabama’s staggering six championships in the last 13 years alone. The Crimson Tide also won the title in 1992 under Gene Stallings.

Foxworthy, who has fans all over the South, made sure to mention how much he loves the state of Alabama, too. He even made a quick “you might be a redneck joke” to accompany the compliment.

“[You might be a redneck if] you’re at the National Championship game every stinkin’ year,” Foxworthy laughed aloud. “I love the SEC and the fact that it’s two SEC teams because it just means more to us.”

In hindsight, Foxworthy also managed to give a pretty solid assessment of the game before it was played. He was certainly correct about one thing: it was a great game all around.

“I think they’re the two best teams in football. I think the night of the SEC Championship, Bama probably played their best game of the year, and we probably played our worst,” he said. “So, I think people perceive the gap is [bigger than it really is.]”

And he was right, the game floated around one score either way for most of the contest, until Georgia pulled away in the fourth quarter. Both teams played their hearts out, just like Foxworthy and all SEC fans expected them to do.

Foxworthy Sightings Around the Stadium

Some lucky Georgia fans were sitting next to Foxworthy and tweeted a photo of the section celebrating the massive win. The look on everyone’s face proves just how much the game means to both UGA and football fans alike.

Foxworthy also found some time to chat with Outsider contributor Marty Smith pregame for SEC Network coverage. On his Twitter account, Smith called the Georgia Bulldogs the “most consistent and dominant team all year.” Also, he added that the Bulldogs are a “great group of young men, well-coached and developed,” and that their win was “earned and deserved.”

No doubt the great Jeff Foxworthy agrees with that sentiment.