Jeff Saturday’s Hilarious Tweet About Raiders Resurfaces, Goes Viral After Colts’ Win

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

A tweet Jeff Saturday sent out a few weeks ago was going to resurface one way or another. With the Indianapolis Colts’ interim head coach making his debut on Sunday against the Las Vegas Raiders — a team a critiqued pretty harshly in late October — NFL fans were waiting to bring the post it back.

Fortunately, for Saturday, the tweet now looks prophetic after leading the Colts to a 25-20 victory over the Raiders.

On Oct. 30, Saturday fired off a tweet saying, “Raiders look horrible.” At the time, nobody thought anything of it. Las Vegas did, in fact, look horrible. Plus, Saturday worked at ESPN as an NFL analyst, and evaluating teams was part of his duties — not that he went too in-depth with his analysis of the Raiders.

What’s maybe the funniest part? The fact that Saturday never deleted his tweet even after learning he’d coach against the Raiders on Sunday. Fans absolutely loved it.

“Respect that he never deleted it,” one fan wrote. “He stood by it and proved it.”

Another Twitter account labeled Saturday’s tweet as one of the greatest ever, saying, “NFL Twitter Hall of Fame.”

“Aged like a fine wine,” another NFL fan wrote on Twitter.

Although some questioned Indianapolis’ decision to hire Saturday without any college or NFL coaching experience, the former six-time Pro Bowl selection might quickly become a fan favorite. Especially if the Colts find ways to win.

Bill Cowher Blasts Colts for Hiring Jeff Saturday

Jeff Saturday didn’t have to eat crow for his tweet a few weeks ago, thanks to the Colts’ win over the Raiders on Sunday. You know who did? Pittsburgh Steelers legend and current CBS analyst Bill Cowher.

The Super Bowl-winning head coach sounded off for two minutes, blasting the Colts and owner Jim Irsay for hiring Saturday. He called it a disgraceful move.

“What about the assistants on the staff right now? The guys that were there in training camp. The guys that were there early in the morning and late at night?” Cowher said. “Guys like Gus Bradley, Scottie Montgomery, John Fox. Don’t they deserve the opportunity?

“For an owner to hire a coach who’s never been an assistant at the college level or the pro level — and overseeing a lot of candidates qualified for that job … it’s a disgrace to the coaching profession. Regardless of how this plays out, what happened in Indianapolis is a travesty.”

Wonder what Cowher has to say after Sunday’s results?