Jerry Jones Car Crash Video Released

by Suzanne Halliburton

A video showing the Wednesday car crash involving Jerry Jones shows that the Dallas Cowboys owner probably was lucky to walk away with only a limp.

TMZ Sports obtained the video of the accident, which occurred about an hour before sunset. Jones was driving a dark-colored sedan. He t-boned a silver car as the driver tried to turn left. Both cars had been headed in the same direction on Harry Hines Blvd., a well-traveled road in north Dallas.

Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Walked Away from Crash

The video, which you can see here, shows that the silver car attempted to cross two lanes of traffic to turn left. Jones was driving behind the silver sedan in another lane and hit the car on the driver’s side.

Jones walked away from the accident. The video, which was edited in parts, then showed Jones outside the silver car. He rolled up his pants leg to check out his knee. Then in another section of the video, he’s speaking to someone on the phone. And then the police arrive and Jones talks to officers.

The video came from the dashcam of a car that was waiting at a red light on Wolf Street at the intersection of Harry Hines. The accident occurred about 20 miles from The Star, the Cowboys complex in Frisco, north of Dallas.

Jerry Jones, 79, was transported to the hospital as a precaution. Doctors treated him and he was released. Stephen Jones, his son, told The Associated Press on Thursday that his father was “at home and fine.” The younger Jones is executive vice president of the Cowboys and his father’s right-hand man on team issues.

Jones Had Medical Procedure Earlier This Spring

Jones missed the NFL Combine in Indianapolis in early March after undergoing a minor medical procedure. But he was back for the league-wide meetings and was on hand for last week’s draft.

It’s been a tumultuous offseason for the Cowboys. Jones’ wreck was just the latest in a string of off-field issues bringing unwanted attention on the team.

Back in February, ESPN reported that the Cowboys paid $2.4 million to four Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. They accused a Cowboys public relations director of voyeurism. Weeks before the report became public, the long-time head of the Cowboys’ public relations team retired.

Meanwhile, a woman from North Texas filed a lawsuit saying that Jones is her biological father.

Last month, in the days before the NFL draft, news broke that Cowboys cornerback Kelvin Joseph was a passenger in a vehicle involved in a drive-by shooting that killed a 20-year-old Dallas man. The shooting happened on March 18. The AP reported that video surveillance showed Joseph at the scene. Police arrested two men, but not Joseph.

Joseph’s lawyer said his client was unarmed. The attorney said Joseph “found himself in a situation that escalated without his knowledge or consent.”