Jerry Jones Catching Backlash from National Federation of the Blind Over Halloween Costume

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is catching heat for his Halloween costume this year. The 80-year-old NFL figure dressed up as a blind referee, taking a shot at the league’s officiating.

The National Federation of the Blind recently told TMZ Sports that Jones “perpetuated” a harmful stereotype.

“When anyone perpetuates that stereotype, it’s harmful,” said Chris Danielson, director of public relations for the NFB. “He does have blind Cowboys fans. They show up at games and put on headsets or listen on the radio. It may be something for him to think about.”

Jones could’ve also faced repercussions from the NFL. The league has the ability to punish players, coaches and owners for making negative public comments regarding officiating.

So far, the league has opted not to punish Jones.

While Jones might’ve hoped to have some harmless fun with his Halloween costume this year, Danielson didn’t think it was too funny. The Cowboys owner might rethink his outfit when Oct. 31 rolls around in 2023.

Like Jerry Jones, Cowboys LB Micah Parsons Trolls Officials

Part of the reason Jerry Jones dressed up as a blind official for Halloween was probably because of the lack of holding calls from last Sunday’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears. Linebacker Micah Parsons also took issue with the lack of calls, too.

Following the Cowboys’ victory, Parsons commented on a play on which he was clearly held and thrown to the ground. It was just one of many examples from the game, though it might’ve been the most egregious.

“Dirty asf,” Parsons wrote on Twitter. “Ref told me cause I was away from the ball he won’t call it lol.”

Despite some questionable calls, Parsons had a strong performance in the win. He tallied four tackles and scored his first career touchdown, returning a fumble to the endzone.