Jerry Jones Says Dak Prescott Could Return to the Cowboys ‘Sooner Rather Than Later’

by Jonathan Howard

After an Week 1 injury, Cowboys fans want some good Dak Prescott news. Jerry Jones is here to provide it with a cryptic update on his star QB. The Dallas faithful have not had a great start to their 2022 NFL season. Could things be turning around sooner than expected?

Jerry Jones has been around football for a long time. He knows about injuries and media cycles and the like. His Cowboys suffered a 19-3 loss after losing their starting QB to a hand injury. Week 2, behind backup QB Cooper Rush, Dallas bounced back a bit against a deflated Cincinnati Bengals crew. Jones wants his fans to know their quarterback is going to be back soon.

Jerry Jones Updates Cowboys Nation

While Jones was on 105.3 The Fan, he said it was too soon to give a date on the return. Still, that doesn’t mean the news wasn’t good.

“I don’t know that anybody knows [when he’ll be back],” Jones explained. “But when he [gets enough strength in his hand], then you’ll probably see some real advancement in his timeline. I don’t know when that is. I do know that with a good airing out last week, everybody recognizes that he’ll be back sooner than later as far as the timeline. It really could be a minimum of two weeks up here in my mind [Washington in Week 4].

“Now, that’s very optimistic. But he’s got the kind of repair there that will allow him not to have a lot of fear of re-injuring it. It’s just a question of the grip. But it’s a big question.”

For the Cowboys, they will have to head to New York to play against the Giants. Through two weeks, the Giants are undefeated with wins over the lowly Titans and against the Panthers. The record sounds nicer than it actually is. Those two teams are not world-beaters by any means.

If Jerry Jones is right and his optimism turns out to become reality, then that October 2 game against the Washington Commanders is going to be very interesting.

So, the Dallas offense will have to make do with Cooper Rush for a bit. The backup has done well. But the question remains if he will be able to keep it going. That’s a lot of pressure, to lead America’s Team in the absence of a star like Prescott.