Jerry Jones Issues Apology Following Usage of Controversial Term

by Patrick Norton

While the Dallas Cowboys open training camp, owner Jerry Jones spends the day publicly apologizing. In hot water for using a derogatory term for dwarfism, Jones said in a statement, “Earlier today I made a reference which I understand may have been viewed as offensive. I apologize.”

The apology comes across somewhat half-heartedly. However, Jones is somewhat notorious for garnering extreme public attention regardless of circumstance. The eccentric billionaire is no stranger to public outcry, but often prefers to stir the pot with on-field matters. But this becomes the second non-football related matter Jones finds him caught in this offseason.

Jones’ usage of the m-word takes away from the NFL product in Dallas that he’s building. Instead of focusing on the first day of training camp on what could turn out a special season for the Cowboys, attention turns to ownership.

Jerry Jones’ Rough Offseason

In addition to yesterday’s mishap, Jones finds himself in a legal dispute stemming from an eventful car crash in the spring. Video shows a vehicle correcting and turning with Jones sideswiping the car at a high rate of speed. The billionaire became hospitalized because of the matter, but appeared healthy when meeting with the media.

Jones also created a stir when laying out expectations for the 2022 season, refusing to grant long-term job security to head coach Mike McCarthy. As the Cowboys barrel toward the upcoming season, Jones refused to acknowledge a question from the press about a contract extension for McCarthy. Additionally, Jones said that while he believes McCarthy is the man for the job, he has options.

Jerry Jones is certainly aware of his influence and sway. Controversy comes with the territory. But it’s safe to assume the team owner wants to keep matters strictly to the team’s play rather than personal disputes. The Cowboys are a playoff favorite in 2022. Jones cannot afford to mar it with ill-timed behavior.