Jerry Jones Reacts to Cowboys Fan Trotting Through Walmart on Horseback

by Samantha Whidden

Following the Dallas Cowboys fan on a horse in a Walmart video going viral, the President of the NFL team, Jerry Jones, shared his thoughts on the interesting incident. 

Jerry Jones spoke about the Dallas Cowboys fan video during an interview with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. He revealed he’s actually been on a horse indoors before. “I’ve literally been on a horse inside before and it’s a dicey thing,” he explained. “Because if that horse gets to slippin’ and slidin’ and kickin’, it’s a mess.” 

Meanwhile, Jerry Jones discussed how Dallas Cowboys quarterback Cooper Rush performed during the latest game. “He exceeded my expectations,” Jones stated. “He did. No reason why he couldn’t, but he did exceed my expectation. I thought his passing was outstanding.” 

The Dallas Cowboys are now preparing to take on the New York Giants on Monday (September 26th). The Cowboys’ 2022 record is currently 1-1 while the Giants are 2-0. 

Jerry Jones Addresses Dallas Cowboy Fans Who Say the Season Was Already Over After First Loss 

While speaking to the Dallas Morning News, Jerry Jones addressed the critics of the Dallas Cowboys who declared that the season was already over after the first loss.

“One of the things that has stood me about football, and I’m comparing to the things that we all do every day away from the football is that it can be looking very dark,” Jerry Jones explained. “Dark for you and then it can reserve on you in an instant. It can go positive in an instant after you’ve got – we’ve got a lot of football.”

Jerry Jones also stated that the team has “really top” football players, who shouldn’t be underestimated. “And we got an outstanding group that’s coaching them up in my view… You can think negatively and everybody does and that’s normal. But, boy, we got a lot of positive things we can do. I have seen it just hopeless and walk out there and David slays the giant. I’ve seen it done.” 

While discussing Dak Prescott’s injury, Jerry Jones said he believes the Cowboys can hold down the fort until the starting quarterback is able to return. “At the same time, we buy us a little time here, catch it up a little bit and get Dak back out there. He’s very capable of coming past this injury and having a great season, a great season – I emphasize that. And that’s not selling. That’s just if he didn’t have it, if we didn’t have it, it would be different.” 

Jerry Jones went on to add that the team continues to have “it” and will grow from the early in the season loss. “Let’s hold what we’ve got, get this plane kind of landed. Right now, let’s patch up the holes, and let’s come back at it.”