Jets QB Zach Wilson Lost So Bad People Are Even Roasting His Mom About It

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images)

Jets starting quarterback Zach Wilson’s NFL debut didn’t go well with fans, and his mother is hearing about it.

After a 19-14 loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, Lisa Wilson shared some of the messages she got from Jets fans.

But the outpouring is strange in seeing that Wilson had 258 passing yards, two touchdowns, and one pick despite getting sacked six times. The former BYU quarterback was the second pick of the NFL draft.

But fans are fans, and TMZ was there to report on the abuse.

And Mrs. Wilson did her best to respond with kindness.

“Your son is a**,” “Praying for your son to get better at f**king football,” and “Real talk tho, y ur son so dog sh**” were some of the comments. 

She fired back with “praying for your angry hateful heart,” “I’m so sorry you’re angry. I hope you can find happiness,” and “Hate is so toxic.”

After this weekend, the quarterback probably knows that the social media hate comes with the turf, but does his mom have to suffer?

Mom Already A Social Media Star

In fact, Lisa Wilson has been there before on social media.

Zack Wilson wanted her to shut down her Instagram account because of the trolls earlier. According to Inside Hook, he even offered her cash to leave the social media site.

The 21-year-old quarterback said he “can’t stand these people treating my mom like crap.”

But she said no to the money and kept up with her 30,000 followers. She shares recipes, workouts, and advice on raising children on the account.

In August, she talked about partying, watching football, and looking like a “crack whore.”

In May, she had gotten flak after criticizing the Disney World mask policy.

She complained that “Disney are a bunch of maskholes” because they were “always up in our business” over a recent trip.

After the criticism, she fired back and said, “I want to make it clear that I did wear my mask PROPERLY all day!” 

The mom said she was very respectful and didn’t get reprimanded.

But then she said she was “miserable” being at the happiest place on earth’ with police walking around and yelling at people for “drinking water.” 

NFL QB Has Tough Test Ahead

Wilson and the Jets will host the New England Patriots on Sunday.

New Jets coach Robert Saleh said the rookie quarterback did well despite facing the Panthers’ defense.

“He showed the same thing he showed on college tape,” Saleh said via the team’s website. “He’s been hit before. He took the shots today, got back up, and showed resolve.”

Saleh also said the quarterback was fearless, and he’s only going to get better.