Jets Quarterback Zach Wilson Unfazed When Asked About Offseason Social Media Gossip

by Dustin Schutte

You just knew the questions were coming. Zach Wilson couldn’t endure the kind of offseason drama he did and get off the hook before the start of training camp.

During the summer months, the New York Jets quarterback was accused of sleeping with his mother’s best friend. The accuser? Wilson’s ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile.

To make the story even crazier, a photo posted in the offseason included Gile and Wilson’s former friend and BYU teammate Dax Milne. All caught up?

Obviously, those allegations and the NFL-style drama caused quite a tizzy on social media. And, as Wilson prepares for his second season in the league, he had to answer some of the questions regarding the off-field drama. He didn’t seem fazed by it, though.

“It’s just focusing on football and that’s really all I can do,” Wilson said when asked how he handled the social media drama. “It is what it is. I’m excited to be here with the boys. Excited to be in Idaho with the guys at the time, too. I’m excited to just try and get better every day. That’s all I’ve been focusing on.”

Handled like a true pro.

Zach Wilson Gets Back to Football

Zach Wilson handled Wednesday’s question about the off-the-field issues really well. Now, it’s time to get back to football. The second-year quarterback for the New York Jets is looking to make a splash.

Wilson started in 13 games for the Jets last season, posting a 3-10 record. He totaled more interceptions (11) than touchdown passes (nine) and completed just 55.8% of his passes. While he knows he needs to get better, he dismisses the notion that New York’s success in 2022 is fully dependent on his play.

“Yeah, it’s not true at all. Not true at all,” Wilson said. “That’s why there’s 22 guys that play. There’s 11 guys on offense, 11 on defense, there’s coaches that all have a hand [in it]. I mean, there’s a game plan. And, you know, of course, could you say, ‘If I don’t do my job the offense isn’t gonna run?’ Of course. I touch the ball every play.

“But I’ve got to do my 1/11th of my job and everything else takes care of itself. That’s all I got to focus on is, hey, what’s my job and how can I make sure I get that done?”