Jimbo Fisher Displays Lightning Speed Sprinting to Avoid Gatorade Bath After Orange Bowl Victory

by Katie Maloney

Texas A&M coach, Jimbo Fisher, says ,”I pulled my hamstring” running away from Gatorade bath at Orange Bowl on Saturday.

The team concluded its best season yet with Fisher as their coach with a 41-27 victory against North Carolina. After the game, players stuck to Orange Bowl traditions when they tried to dump a cooler full of Gatorade on their coach. But Fisher wasn’t having it. He sprinted away from the players with a speed that rivaled some of the league’s fastest athletes.

During a post-game interview, Fisher jokes that ” I pulled my hamstring. So somebody in there is gonna pay for that,” laughs Fisher. “I haven’t run like that in 25 years,” he jokes.

Jimbo Fisher talks about pulling hamstring while trying to outrun Gatorade Bath

Jimbo Fisher Can’t Outrun Tradition

The Gatorade bath, also known as the Gatorade shower or Gatorade dunk, is a sports tradition that involves players celebrating a major win by dumping a cooler full of Gatorade mixed with ice over the head of their coach. There are different theories on how the tradition began. Some say the tradition began with the New York Giants football team in the mid-80s. After a victory against the Washington Redskins, Jim Burt gave Bill Parcells a Gatorade bath. Rumors say that it was because Burt was upset with the way Parcells treated him the week leading up to the game. However, Burt claims that he didn’t dump the Gatorade on the coach. Instead, Burt claims, Harry Carson poured the liquid on their coach because he was a favorite player and knew that he wouldn’t get in trouble. However, another player, Dan Hampton of the Chicago Bears claims that he invented the shower after dunking coach, Mike Ditka, after clinching the NFC central.

Despite the origins of the tradition, Gatorade baths have become a staple in sports victories. The tradition has even evolved to include other liquids and foods including mayonnaise for the Mayo Bowl and Cheez-It crackers for the Cheez-It Bowl. It’s a tradition that both players and fans have come to adore. And even with his lighting fast speed, Fisher can’t outrun tradition. After post-game interviews, players managed to successfully shower Fisher with a little bit of Gatorade.

Jimbo Fisher tries to outrun the Gatorade Bath.