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Jimbo Fisher: Rumors of All Texas A&M Recruits Earning NIL Deals Are ‘Complete Lies’

by Tyler Mansfield
(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Jimbo Fisher just won’t let it go, will he? Look, I understand that Nick Saban’s comments were out of line and Fisher is still fired up over what was said, but it’s time to move on. Instead of just holding his press conference and firing back at Saban, the Texas A&M head coach has decided to speak out even further.

In an interview with KSAT 12 in San Antonio, Texas, Fisher further stood his ground regarding the rumors that Texas A&M used Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) deals to get recruits to play for the Aggies – making it clear that his program doesn’t pay recruits to choose A&M over other schools.

“Name, Image and Likeness – I keep saying this about recruiting, and I just researched this. … Of the 11 guys we have in place that came early, one guy has an NIL deal,” Fisher said. “Just one. So all these stories you’re hearing are complete lies.”

Fisher hasn’t been a happy camper – by any means – since Saban publicly made the comment that Texas A&M “bought” all of its recruits with NIL deals. A former assistant coach under the Alabama head man, Fisher fired right back at Saban’s comments just one day after. He even went as far as to label his old boss a “narcissist” and said someone “should have slapped him.”

Continuing his interview, Fisher said the pay-for-play rumors all began on social media – and he even called out the reporter for not doing his research beforehand.

“It’s all false. … It was written on social media, so everybody believes it,” Fisher said. “And you’ve got news channels believing it – and you believed it. Do you guys not research? I’m asking you, did you do your research? You just assumed. … And that’s the way this world goes now.”

Fisher Says He ‘Knows the Truth’ and Has ‘Always Known the Truth’

The reporter’s conversation with Jimbo Fisher continues with him asking the coach why Nick Saban would’ve made the accusation he did. You can tell by Jimbo’s tone that he’s getting frustrated. He even tells someone in the background – probably his communications person – to stop interrupting him.

“I know the truth – and I’ve always known the truth,” Fisher said. “You’ll have to ask him. … Why did you make that accusation? I don’t know, you’ll have to ask him.”

In terms of Fisher and Saban’s relationship, the Aggies’ leader said they still haven’t spoke. Will they ever? It sure doesn’t sound like Fisher wants anything to do with his old boss going forward.

“No, we haven’t talked,” Fisher said. “I said we’re not talking.”