Jimbo Fisher’s Truck Reportedly Towed at Texas A&M: LOOK

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Nobody is safe from parking violations at Texas A&M, apparently. Even head football coach Jimbo Fisher must abide by the rules or risk being towed — at least according to one viral video.

A video shared from the Barstool Texas A&M Twitter account this week shows what appears to be Fisher’s truck getting towed. Not much information was provided regarding the situation — or if it was actually the vehicle of the Aggies’ head coach.

Apparently, someone wants to run Fisher out of town. Or maybe the towing company is just doing its job. Either way, Fisher probably won’t be too happy if he returns to campus and can’t locate his truck.

Texas A&M travels to Starkville to play Mississippi State in an SEC West bout this weekend. Right now, Fisher is more concerned with getting a win to improve to 2-0 in conference play. When he returns to College Station, though, he might need directions to the nearest impound lot.

Don’t Mess with Texas … Parking

The state of Texas takes its parking violations seriously. Fisher’s reported situation in College Station is the second vehicle-related issue on a college campus in Texas during the college football season.

Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers dealt with a similar situation on the opening weekend of the season. After earning his first start with the Longhorns and leading his team to a win, the former five-star passer had trouble locating his car.

Ewers threw for 225 yards and two touchdowns during Texas’ 52-10 win over Louisiana-Monroe. During the game, though, someone towed the star quarterback’s car. He tweeted about it after the contest.

“How’d I get towed during the game?” Ewers wrote on Twitter.

Look, if parking authorities across Texas are willing to tow the vehicles of a head coach and a star quarterback, nobody is safe.

Be cautious when heading to a game in the Lone Star State this fall. Park in the wrong spot, you might endure a similar fate.