Jimmy Buffett Narrates New Orleans Saints Christmas-Themed Pregame Hype Video

by Atlanta Northcutt

Leave it to Jimmy Buffett to narrate the Saints’ video and hype everyone up. All we’re missing are some margaritas to drink and cheeseburgers to eat while watching the video.

Buffett actually gives a quite serious tone as the music gets more and more intense showing the New Orleans’ Saints performing on the field. However, I presume this is some very serious football business.

Jimmy Buffett and His Love Affair with the Saints

The Saints are playing in the rare NFL Friday game. They will play host to the Minnesota Vikings.

Both teams are hoping for a little holiday magic to help them win. But, it is going to take skill and substantial planning in order for one team to be declared the winner.

The Saints (10-4) will host the Vikings (6-8) for a highly anticipated Week 16 showdown airing on FOX.

A Love Story in Margaritaville

Jimmy Buffett loves the Saints, and if you don’t, then you don’t belong in Margaritaville.

His passion is obvious as he narrates the Christmas-themed Saints’ video, getting everyone amped up for Fridays contest.

As a young man, Buffett took a break from playing music and enjoying Bourbon Street for a moment to wander into a Saints’ game.

In between games was “43 years of Lent,” Buffett said this week. “But once I went to that first game, they were my team for life.”

Since it’s Jimmy Buffett, the Saints’ coach Sean Payton allowed Jimmy to celebrate the Saints’ Jan. 2019 victory over the Vikings in the locker room.

“People don’t understand what that NFC championship game meant,” he said. “It was an incredible football game, an incredible battle. But it was also a renaissance, a rebirth from horrible years of suffering through being a Saints fan, to surviving a hurricane.”

Buffett adds, “the win reinforced that “there’s something on the other side.”

Buffett’s Heart Lies in New Orleans

Although Buffett is from Alabama, his heart lies within the New Orleans’ team. He’s even sung the National Anthem before their games.

He attended his first Saints’ game during a regular-season opener against the Los Angeles Rams.

“We thought, ‘This is gonna be easy,'” Buffett recalled, laughing. “Instead, the Saints lost and continued to lose.” His father cussed the TV during their debacles.

Jimmy and Kenny Chesney were invited into the locker room at one point in 2006. The two listened as Peyton Manning gave a heartfelt and powerful speech to his teammates.

“I was thinking of people that I know aren’t here, who were Saints fans,” he said. “So I was in the moment, but I was also experiencing deja vu and fond and painful memories.”

“It was kind of like going to confession,” Buffett adds. “I haven’t been in a long time, so I’m going to count that. I was cleansed.”

When there’s a game, Jimmy will do all he can to be there, although he has a busy schedule. When he does come, he says, “I’ll be there with beads on.”

The ending of the video states what he and all Saints’ fans feel:

“Happy Saintsmas to all and to all a good night.”