JJ Watt Details Hilarious Story About Philip Rivers Telling An Opponent He Lined Up Wrong

by Will Shepard

Philip Rivers announced his retirement today (Jan. 20) after 17 seasons in the NFL. The list of people congratulating Rivers on an outstanding career is far too long to begin to list. One player, in particular, is Houston Texans’ star defensive end, JJ Watt.

JJ Watt took to Twitter to share a story about the seemingly Hall of Fame-bound quarterback. His story certainly displays the incredible knowledge of football that Phillip Rivers always had throughout his career.

Even though the story is short, it is hilarious.

JJ Watt Recounts a Hilarious Philip Rivers Story

JJ Watt hilariously follows up the tweet with a correction. As Philip Rivers never uses profanity, Watts says “Heckuva” instead of hell.

Rivers is known for his quick wit and ability to get under opposing players’ skin with his chirping. Rivers’ immense knowledge of schemes that are coming at him made him acutely aware of opponents’ defenses.

Although this isn’t the best example of Rivers trash talking, it is a different version. It’s perhaps even funnier because he tells an opposing linebacker how to do his job correctly.

JJ Watt doesn’t specify whether this story came this past year or during Rivers’ 16 years with the Chargers. Nonetheless, it shows just how little Rivers changed during his entire career.

In this simple tweet, JJ Watt shows everyone exactly what Rivers brought to the field day in and day out. Rivers’ competitiveness was always on display. During an AFC playoff game against the Patriots in 2007, Rivers played the entire game with two banged up knees.

So, while Philip Rivers’ career playing career is now over, a new debate will rage on. That debate will be about whether or not Philip Rivers will be wearing the gold jacket from the Hall of Fame.

Most people who think that Rivers should not get into the Hall of Fame will point to his playoff collapses. But, those who think he belongs there has a good case when looking at his overall statistics.

In fact, Philip Rivers ranks fifth in the record books for a lot. He holds fifth place for passing yards, passing touchdowns, and passing completions, to name a few. He also has the record for most completions in a row, at 25. And more impressively, he is second all-time in consecutive starts.

While JJ Watt doesn’t offer his two cents on whether or not Rivers is a Hall of Famer, the quarterback isn’t eligible until 2026. There is a lot of time for the retiring quarterback to build his Hall of Fame case.