JJ Watt Details How ‘Life Comes Full Circle’ in Moving Post About His Grandfather

by Thad Mitchell

NFL superstar pass rusher JJ Watt took to social media on Saturday to remember his grandfather and his sacrifices.

Standing at 6’5″ and weighing in at just under 300 pounds, Watt is a menacing presence on the field. At 31-years-old, the Houston Texans defensive end has over 100 career sacks. He also has the respect of almost every NFL player for his physical talent as well as his work ethic and tenacity.

Off the field, however, Watt is just as much a team player with his commitment to his team and his community. He is noted off the field for being a high character influence as evidenced by his many accolades. He won the Walter Payton Man of the Year award in 2017, an award given to players making an impact outside of football.

JJ Watt Remembers Grandfather in Touching Tweet

On Saturday, Watt put up a photo of himself getting off the team plane in Chicago and shares a touching message about his grandfather. Watt and the Houston Texans are set to take on the Chicago Bears today (Sunday) at noon.

In the tweet’s caption, Watt says his grandfather laid the foundation to make him the player he is today.

“My Grandpa was born in Chicago,” Watt starts out. “(He) laid the groundwork for me to step off of a plane and play a game in Chicago. Life comes full circle, I just wish he could watch me play just one more time though.”

The Houston Texans are having a disappointing season with a 4-8 record on the year. They are in third place in the AFC South. Watt is having a good year with five sacks on the season through 12 games.