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Joe Burrow Has Hilarious Reaction To Viral Wisdom Tooth Video

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Remember that video of the Bengals fan ranting about Joe Burrow after having her wisdom teeth removed? Well, he’s seen it. The NFL quarterback was on the ManningCast and Peyton and Eli decided to turn the pressure up on him before he left the show.

The action in the New England and Arizona game was about as painful to watch as a wisdom tooth surgery. So, the ManningCast brought up a video for Joe Burrow to watch in the meantime. Haven Wolfe went on a rant for the history books.

When news of Burrow having a girlfriend hit social media, Haven and a lot of other folks were left feeling disappointed. “I know he’s got a girlfriend, and I am happy for him,” she said in her delirious state, “but I’m not happy for me in that situation. And let’s be honest, I go for ambition, not looks.”

Joe Burrow was a little awkward reacting to the video. It doesn’t hurt that she kinda dissed his looks in the process. “It sounds like I’m being called ugly there if you ask me,” Burrow said.

The ManningCast might be the best part of the entire broadcast tonight. There really has been a lack of great play during these prime-time games this season. Throw in the fact that Kyle Murray went down on the first drive of the game, and you take away a major playmaker.

However, seeing Joe Burrow react to this video after seeing it all over the internet – makes watching some bad football worth it.

Joe Burrow Faces Tom Brady on Sunday

There has been a thing about the ManningCast this season. A curse if you will. When players go on the show, they don’t seem to perform very well the week after. For Joe Burrow, he will have to try and break the curse as he faces off against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. But, will it be a challenge?

The good news, the Bucs just got beat by the 49ers in an embarrassing fashion. 35-7 loss to a rookie quarterback and last pick in the draft, Brock Purdy. 28 of those points came in the first half. The bad news is that Tom Brady just got embarrassed and will be looking to flip the script as soon as possible.

As for Joe Burrow and the Bengals, it is all about doing what they have done all season. With a 9-4 record, Cincinnati didn’t look like a good team to start the year. Now they are in position to make the playoffs and attempt another deep run toward the Super Bowl.