Joe Burrow Shares Thoughts on Why Tom Brady Retired, Quickly Returned

by Tyler Mansfield

Tom Brady‘s “retirement” from the NFL didn’t last long. It was only 41 days, to be exact. All of us wondered how long he would actually be away from the game of football and if he was even serious about never throwing a pass again. Then, just over a month later, we all found out the veteran quarterback was indeed not serious.

Instead of taking off his cleats, Brady – who will turn 45 in August – is now entering his 23rd season. After spending 20 years with the New England Patriots, the 2022 campaign will be his third with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

While Brady’s short retirement and quick return didn’t shock many people, it certainly didn’t seem to faze Joe Burrow. Now the star quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, Burrow joined the Full Send Podcast and was asked about Brady’s return.

“I mean, did anyone actually think he was going to be retired? You guys got to know better than that,” Burrow said of Brady. “He’s playing way too well to give it up right now. … I think he wanted to shut down the conversation because if he didn’t announce his retirement, everyone would be talking about, ‘Is he retiring? Is he not retiring?’

“So, I think he went ahead and did it to get everyone off his back so he could go think about it.”

Even in His Mid-40s, Brady Still Has It

Tom Brady could probably play until he’s 50 years old. I mean, seriously. The guy doesn’t seem to age and is always healthy. If he’s out there putting up great numbers and feels well enough to do it, then why stop? If I had even half of his talent and felt great, I wouldn’t retire yet. There’s no reason to.

Although he has a big job as FOX Sports’ lead NFL analyst waiting on him after retirement, that’s not going anywhere. If Brady wanted to play for five more years, that would be just fine. FOX isn’t going to end their deal with him if he wants to play longer. He’s too valuable to do that.

So, if Brady wants to play just one more season or five, it’s all up to him. We’ll just have to wait and see.