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Joel Embiid Says Playing FIFA Is More Difficult Than Guarding Anthony Davis

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Joel Embiid is one of the best players in the NBA at taking shots at other NBA players. This time Embiid is taking his shot at Anthony Davis.

The Philadelphia 76ers center had a brazen insult ready for the Los Angeles Lakers power forward. During an interview, Joel Embiid says that playing FIFA, a popular soccer video game, is tougher than guarding Davis.

Both players are extraordinary basketball players and are some of the best in the NBA. Lately, they have been trading shots at one another in various ways.

Joel Embiid Takes a Shot at Anthony Davis

Earlier, Anthony Davis said that the Los Angeles Lakers would be able to beat the 76ers in an NBA Finals matchup. These comments came on Wednesday after the Lakers beat the 76ers.

During the Lakers’ win, Davis played well. He finished the game with 23 points, eight rebounds, two assists, and two blocked shots. Joel Embiid, on the other hand, had 28 points, six rebounds, four assists, and two blocks. The 76ers won the hotly contested game 107-106.

It is more than likely that Embiid’s chirp at Anthony Davis is a direct result of Davis’s comments after their game.

These kinds of comments are nothing out of the ordinary for the 76ers superstar. He is often entangling with other NBA players on the court and social media as well.

After Joel Embiid was fouled hard at the rim going for a dunk on LeBron James, he had some choice words postgame. The All-Star center said that if he had taken that foul, he would likely have been kicked out of the game.

Joel Embiid is one of the fiercest competitors on the court. Even though he doesn’t have a championship as Davis does, he is hoping that this season will prove otherwise. He has yet to reach the NBA Finals and has a tough road out in front of him this season.

Nonetheless, should the Lakers and 76ers meet in the Finals, it will make for must-see television. So, here’s to hoping that the two teams and players will get to battle for the championship later this year.