John Daly Celebrates Purple Heart Day, Applauds ‘All Who Have Pledged Their Allegiance’

by Clayton Edwards

Many people know John Daly as a pro golfer with a long drive and a great beard. However, he is also dedicated to helping veterans, kids, and those in need. In fact, he and his friend, a combat-wounded Army veteran named Major Ed, started the Heart of a Lion Foundation to do just that. Earlier today, Daly posted about his partner in charity as well as Purple Heart Day.

In the tweet, Daly sends a shout-out to Major Ed. The PGA pro said that he applauds, “Major Ed for his service and sacrifice for our freedoms, as well as all who have pledged their allegiance,” followed by an American flag emoji. He adds that their foundation supports American veterans, children, and those in need. Daly finishes the caption with their foundation’s motto. “We are the Heart of a Lion! Mission first- People always!”

It seems that the photo attached to the tweet was taken on the day that Major Ed received his Purple Heart. However, Daly does not clarify in the post.

What is Purple Heart Day?

Purple Heart Day is a day set aside to recognize those who have been awarded the Purple Heart. Those who were wounded due to the acts of an enemy agent are eligible for the medal. Likewise, those who died as a result of their wounds as well as those who were prisoners of war have earned the medal. Before WWII, the Purple Heart was awarded for meritorious service. It changed toward the end of the war. In recent years, qualifications for the award have been broadened to include those who were wounded or killed in terrorist attacks.

Purple Heart Day falls on August 7th every year. Currently, it is an “unofficial observance,” which means that businesses and government offices do not close for the occasion. However, as far as holidays go, it is young. The first observance of the day was in 2014. So, that could change in the future.

According to, there are many ways to observe Purple Heart Day. Some cities, counties, or states will pause to recognize the sacrifice it takes to earn a Purple Heart. Additionally, MLB teams may recognize their local Purple Heart recipients in pre-game or seventh inning ceremonies.

If you want to personally observe Purple Heart Day, there are several options. You could simply fly an American flag outside your home or place of business. Additionally, you could donate to the Purple Heart Foundation. They are the fundraising arm of the Military Order of the Purple Heart and accept donations of both time and money. If you have the chance, you could also speak to veterans about their life and service. On the other hand, you could give to John Daly’s Heart of a Lion Foundation.