WATCH: John Daly Makes Epic Appearance on ‘SEC Nation’ to Kickoff College Football Season

by Dustin Schutte

John Daly’s status as an Arkansas legend remains intact. The PGA Tour star made an appearance on SEC Nation ahead of the Razorbacks’ season opener against Cincinnati on Saturday — and boy — he made it an epic visit.

Daly, an Arkansas alum, is known for his willingness to say and do just about anything. His personality showed up during SEC Nation’s visit to Fayetteville before this weekend’s top-25 showdown.

Wearing his patterned Razor”slacks” (get it?!), Daly provided plenty of awesome moments during the pregame show. That includes telling members of the broadcast team that he was drunk while on set.

Yes, that’s an actual thing that happened.

Don’t worry, that didn’t end Daly’s antics on Saturday morning. The two-time major champion also had a funny interaction with a few Arkansas fans who attempted to offer the golfer a cold beer.

“We gotta beer for you! We gotta beer for you,” fans yelled, trying to get Daly’s attention.

His response? “I’ve got some good s— right here,” with a red Solo cup in his hand.

Daly has never been one to shy away from a good time. And there aren’t many weekends to have a great party quite like the opening Saturday of the college football season.

Cheers to John Daly, who had an epic visit to SEC Nation this week!

John Daly’s Arkansas-Cincinnati Pick Revealed

Fans in Fayetteville didn’t get to just see John Daly with a cup in his hand on Saturday. They also saw the PGA Tour star swing a golf club.

SEC Nation brought out the “gender reveal” golf balls, filled with a powder to reveal everyone’s picks for the game. When Daly smashed his ball into oblivion, the red dust exploded, signaling his belief in the Razorbacks.

As you can imagine, the crowd went nuts:

Daly hasn’t lost his touch with a driver in his hands. We’ll see if he’s just as good at picking college football outcomes, too.