John Daly Says He ‘Begged’ to Join New LIV Golf League

by Dustin Schutte

Just a few months ago, it seemed like LIV Golf would be desperate to add players to its roster in order to launch. Now, because of the guaranteed money, the league has attracted so many top players away from the PGA Tour that it has the luxury of turning people away. That includes popular golf icon John Daly.

That’s right – the king of big swing had interest in joining the Saudi-back league in an effort to lock up some of that endless cash. Daly, a two-time major champion, said he reached out to Greg Norman and “begged” for a spot in the field.

Daly opened up about his interest in joining LIV during an interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored.

“You know, we work really hard,” Daly said. “I play with Brian Harman in a practice round and some other guys in the practice rounds of the British Open, and it’s like we play pro-ams. We get it, OK? That’s what is the backbone of a lot of our tournaments. But, Brian Harman says, ‘Give us a box of chocolates for the effort.’

“We make tent visits. We do this, we do that. I play two-to-three pro-ams every week on the Champions Tour, and you know we don’t play for a lot of money on the Champions Tour. So, I almost feel like, ‘OK, I’m not getting a lot out of this. What are we doing?’”

Though Daly’s golf game isn’t what it once was, he’s still a big draw for the sport. His I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude and willingness to speak his mind appeals to a lot fans.

Daly said players that have joined LIV – such as Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau, Brooks Koepka and others – deserve the money they’re receiving. He just wishes he could get a share of it, too.

“It’s a big party. They play for a lot of money, which these guys that are on that tour deserve that money,” Daly said. “I think there’s a lot of other guys that deserve that money, especially this old man.”

John Daly Didn’t Get Into Politics

If John Daly joined LIV, he might’ve traded his popularity for a paycheck. The Saudi-backed league has come under major scrutiny since its launch, especially from families of September 11, 2001.

Outside of LIV Golf’s event in Bedminster in late July, members of “9/11 Justice” protested the startup league.

“How much money does it take to turn your back on your country, on the American people?” asked Julia Scauso, daughter of New York City fireman Dennis Scauso, who died when the South Tower collapsed.

When pressed for his opinion on the matter, Daly brushed over it.

“Piers, let’s not talk about that. [The PGA Tour’s sponsors] don’t want to be mentioned in that,” Daly said, per “The politics is so stupid.”

Despite his efforts, Daly says he won’t be joining the league. The 56-year-old said Greg Norman is “not doing anymore” and that he’s “too old.”