WATCH: John Daly Serenades Zac Brown at PGA Tour Event, And It’s Absolutely Perfect

by Dustin Schutte

Anyone who has followed John Daly’s career on or off the golf course knows the two-time major champion is always up for a good time. He’s willing to do just about anything, whether it’s hitting drives across a highway in Ohio or strumming a few chords on the guitar in front of country music star Zac Brown.

During this week’s PGA Tour Champions event, Dick’s Open Golf, Daly and Brown met up for a brief jam session. Daly showed off his music skills, serenading Brown for a few minutes before cracking a joke about singing in front of such a popular country artist.

The video — shared by the PGA Tour Champions Twitter account — was absolutely perfect.

Both Daly and Brown arrived in New York this week to perform. Daly, of course, hit the links for the weekend’s PGA Tour Champions event. Brown, on the other hand, performed the concert on Friday night.

Along with golf, Daly also dabbles in music. Since the 2000s, the PGA Tour has released three studio albums: My Life (2002), I Only Know One Way (2010) and Whiskey & Water (2022).

We’ve seen Daly strum the guitar in front of Brown. Now, we need to see the country music star rip a drive in front of the long-ball hitter.

Pressure Doesn’t Bother John Daly

Some people fold under pressure. That’s not the case for John Daly — especially when it comes to having a good time. He sounded pretty good behind the guitar in front of Zac Brown this week. Earlier this summer, he had no trouble launching golf balls across an Ohio highway.

Shoeless, Daly teed up golf balls in the grassy area of a parking lot, launching them over an interstate and onto a high school football field in Akron. The two-time major winner didn’t appear worried about hitting the passing cars at all.

And, to his credit, he didn’t come close to hitting any of them.

The best part of that video isn’t that Daly launches golf balls clear across the highway. It’s that he’s shoeless but still found it necessary to tighten the golf glove.

Hey, whatever works, I guess.