WATCH: John Daly Tees One Up, Hits Drive Across I-76 Onto High School Football Field in Akron, Ohio

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Every couple of weeks or so, a new John Daly viral video or photo pops up on Twitter and is incredible. This time around, the PGA Tour golfer was captured hitting a drive over Interstate 76 in Akron, Ohio and onto a high school football field.

Daly is in town for the Bridgestone Senior Players Championship and thought: “You know what? Lemme tee one up real quick and smash it over the highway.”

Unfortunately, the preparation has not paid off for the former Arkansas Razorback. He is near the bottom of the leader board at this weekend’s tournament at the legendary Firestone Country Club.

Recently, Daly made the tabloids after taking casual trips to Hooters and a Tulsa casino after a surprisingly solid first round at the PGA Championship in May. The 56-year-old started out hot at Southern Hills Country Club, but faded as the day went on.

On Memorial Day, the finely-tuned athlete also showed his belly flop skills at the lake.

Ohio D.O.T. Asks Others Not to Copy John Daly’s Stunt

Matt Considine, the guy who tweeted out the video of Daly, had some great comments on the shot. Apparently, Considine went to Archbishop Hoban High School and often considered undertaking this drive himself.

“He’s got way too much club,” Considine tweeted. “No more than a 9 iron to the first goal post and 3 iron to the second. All down hill with a crosswind that tends to help a draw.”

The Ohio Department of Transportation also chimed in on what could be a perilous stunt if any Joe Blow tried to imitate John Daly’s drive. A true hero, the spokesman limited himself to only two puns in two sentences.

“Driving on the interstate should be limited to vehicles,” Matt Bruning said. “Unfortunately there’s no mulligan if a ball goes astray and hits a moving vehicle at full speed.”