John Daly Underwent Cancer Surgery Early Hoping to Play Golf Tournament With Son

by Jon D. B.

John Daly isn’t letting cancer stand in the way of playing the PNC Championship with his son, Little John Daly, and has bumped up a cancer surgery to make it possible.

What a fighter.

According to TMZ, golf legend John Daly is currently recovering after undergoing surgery far earlier than anticipated. The procedure, which is related to his cancer battle, comes just months after Daly announced his bladder cancer diagnosis to the public.

So what could possibly make Daly have this surgery bumped up so far? A golf tourney with his son! Honestly, what better reason is there? As John has said himself, “f*ck cancer”. Life is short and it’s far better to get out there and be with those you love while you can, right?

The 54-year-old sports icon has been aware of his diagnosis since September. Since then, he’s been “fighting like hell”, and even told TMZ “I’ll beat this sh*t. F*ck cancer.”

Agreed, John Daly. Agreed.

Daly isn’t just talking, however. He’s already registered for the PNC Championship with his son, Little John Daly. The two have every intention of competing together for the tourney. Undoubtedly both are looking forward to December 17th through the 20th, where PNC will serve as an excellent distraction for them both from Daly’s diagnosis.

John Daly is Taking the Cancer Bull by the Horns

While his doctors told Daly that they need him to stick to a schedule for his treatment and the surgery, he wasn’t having it. The original timing would’ve placed his recovery to overlap the tourney with his son.

As a result, John “took the bull by the horns” and moved the surgical procedure up to this past week. He’s been in recovery since Wednesday, and tells TMZ he’s doing well “and is in good spirits.”

Apparently, Daly and his son are fully confident they’ll give Tiger Woods and his own son “a run for their money” come December. If that’s not the ultimate distraction, we don’t know what is. And even though Daly’s doctors have told him “his cancer battle could take years to fully conquer,” he’s not letting it slow him down. Not one bit.

Keep up the fight, John Daly, and a speedy recovery to you from all of us here at