John Daly Watches Arkansas From Jerry Jones’ Box, His GameDay Outfit Goes Viral

by Suzanne Halliburton
Derek Leung/Getty Images

John Daly and his Arkansas Razorbacks watched Saturday night as the team’s game against Texas A&M started cruelly trending the wrong way.

And unbeknownst to Daly, the cameras found the golfer as he sat quietly, focused on the game action at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Daly was sitting in the owner’s box with Jerry Jones, aka Boss Hog, who also is an Arkansas alum and owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

College Football Reddit team shared a John Daly photo far and wide. “John Daly sighting at the Southwest Classic.” the account tweeted.

John Daly Partied in Jerry Jones’ Owner Suite at AT&T Stadium

Fans loved Daly’s hat, with its PIGS red block lettering. It was obvious Daly wasn’t wearing his normal golf attire. He was much too muted Saturday for that since there wasn’t a neon geometric pattern in sight. Instead, we got John Daly in his sloppy fan chic for his college football experience.

You couldn’t see his entire outfit as he watched the game. But Daly was hanging out with the other Hog VIPs in the posh Jones suite, After all, Jerry Jones does Dallas Cowboys and all that implies. Basically, since Jones owns the stadium, he can invite whoever he wants to watch whatever event, even if his Cowboys aren’t playing.

Eric Musselman, the Arkansas basketball coach, posted a photo of himself with Daly and Jones on his Twitter account. That’s when you got the full John Daly experience. He was there in a buggy gray T-shirt and even baggier red basketball shorts. He could’ve bought the outfit at the Wal-Mart across the street from the stadium. It’s his basic game day outfit each Saturday.

Musselman captioned the photo: “Ready to watch Razorback football with two Arkansas legends in AT&T Stadium. Jerry Jones and John Daly.

Daly Was a Hog Golfer. His Son Competes For Them Now

It should be said that Musselman’s shirt also proved popular. If you look closely, you can see the shirt’s print is a tiny Razorback. Pig Sooey, y’all.

Daly still loves his Hogs having played golf for Arkansas back in the 1980s. And now it’s a family affair. His son, John II, now competes on the Razorbacks golf squad.

So here’s why John Daly and all his fellow Razorbacks were so sad after the game. The Hogs appeared to have the Aggies on the ropes late in the first half. Quarterback KJ Jefferson called his own name on a first and goal from the 3. But an Aggie linebacker stripped the ball from Jefferson as the quarterback tried to dive over the goal line. Another Aggie defender scooped up the fumble and handed it to Demani Richardson as Arkansas tacklers closed in. Richardson completed the 82-yard fumble return for the touchdown. What could’ve been a 21-7 lead at halftime suddenly was only a 14-13 margin.

John Daly and the Hogs had reason to hope late in the game. But kicker Cam Little’s 42-yard attempt hit the top of the right upright and dropped straight down.

That started the Aggie celebration for a 23-21 win and possibly more drinking from John Daly in the Jerry Jones box.