WATCH: John Smoltz Shares Fond Memories of Late Father During MLB’s Field of Dreams Game

by Bryan Fyalkowski

On Thursday morning while he was preparing to announce MLB’s Field of Dreams game, John Smoltz’s father passed away at the age of 79. During the eighth inning of the contest between the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds, a FOX Sports broadcast showed a graphic of the late John Adam Smoltz.

The 55-year-old Smoltz is in his seventh season as an analyst on the network. He eulogized his father with the help of play-by-play partner Joe Davis on air for the next few minutes.

“It’s been an incredible day. It’s been an emotional day. What a day to honor him. He lived by his faith, he loved family, and he would be so mad if I didn’t do this game,” Smoltz shared. “I just can’t think of another day to honor him. When you think about this park, this movie, and how he loved every one of us and everyone he came in contact with. I’m the man I am because of him, and he was awesome.”

John Smoltz Reflects on Life Lessons His Father Taught Him

Smoltz went on to say that his father “lived by the four L’s: He lived, he laughed, he learned, he listened.”

There were no tears on the air for John Smoltz, only pride and fond memories.

“He gave us everything that we needed to fulfill and show up to work. And I feel like I’m showing up to work,” he explained. “What a better way for my mom, my brother and my sister and the support we’ve gotten today. It started early this morning, I’m sure it will hit when I get home. It’s the perfect day for him if he was gonna leave.”

As the inning ended, Smoltz ultimately reflected, “I’m gonna miss him, but I’m gonna live every day for him.”