Johnny Manziel Joins College Football Fans in Roasting Texas A&M’s Final Play Call Against Alabama

by Suzanne Halliburton
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, along with college football fans everywhere, jumped on that final play by Texas A&M against top-ranked Alabama.

With three seconds on the clock, Texas A&M had one throw into the end zone to knock off No. 1 Alabama. Aggie quarterback Haynes King threw incomplete for receiver Evan Stewart. The Aggie wideout had to come back for the ball. Even if he caught the ball, there was a good chance the Bama defense would’ve stopped him short.

Manziel tweeted:

“One of the worst calls I’ve ever seen in my life. You have one play to beat the #1 team in the country and that’s what we run.”

Manziel Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop About that Final Call

And Manziel wasn’t finished tweeting about the Texas A&M-Alabama outcome. The Tide, playing without reigning Heisman winner Bryce Young, survived 24-20. One of Manziel’s tweets was vomit emojis. Then he posted:

“Every single practice you have a goal line period and practice these type of situations. That’s a joke of an ending for the Aggies.”

Alabama Kept Texas A&M in Game with 4 Turnovers, 2 Missed Field Goals

Oddsmakers established Alabama as a 24-point favorite. Everyone assumed the Tide would be extra intense to pay back the Aggies for beating them last year in College Station. But Bama’s offense turned the ball over four times. And the kicker missed two field goals.

Then, on the final drive, the Tide appeared to have sealed the win with an interception in the end zone. Instead, officials flagged Alabama for pass interference. That set up the final play from the two yard line. A&M coach Jimbo Fisher, who became the first former Nick Saban assistant to beat the mentor, sent in the final play.

Let’s just say Manziel, who helped upset Bama in 2012, wasn’t the lone person calling out Fisher’s choice of plays.

One fan wrote: “Jimbo took a dive to keep Bama at number 1. No other reason for such a boneheaded play. You have a beast in Achane that can fall forward for 2 yards. But you throw to the corner.”

Another college football fan wrote: “Yeah, that last play call was terrible. I can’t believe they didn’t have anything better in their back pocket.”

Want more Texas A&M-Alabama chatter? How’s this: “Was pulling for the Aggies. Not a fan, but hate Bama. WTF was that last play call? 3 seconds left and you don’t even throw to the EZ? C’mon, man!!!”

But another former A&M quarterback supported the play call. Let’s hear it from Kellen Mond.

“Wasn’t a bad call,” tweeted Mond, a four-year starter for A&M who played from 2017-20. “We scored on that same route against Kentucky in ‘18. Stewart was hot – gave a 1 on 1 shot. He got open. Timing was just off. Either King was late or Stewart was too quick. Timing has to be perfect when throwing that route.”