Johnny Manziel’s Reaction to Texas A&M’s Loss to App State Is Elite Level Stuff

by Sean Griffin

Johnny Manziel was a legend as a Texas A&M quarterback.

From 2012-2013, Manziel served as the starter for the Aggies and was simply an electric player. He started as a redshirt freshman for Kevin Sumlin in the Aggies’ first year in the Southeastern Conference. Earning the nickname “Johnny Football” thanks to his gunslinging and freewheeling style of play, Manziel went on to win the Heisman Trophy in 2012.

Manziel passed for 7,820 yards and 63 touchdowns while also rushing for 2,169 yards and 30 touchdowns in two seasons with the Aggies.

Manziel was then drafted in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns. However, after up-and-down play and a litany of Manziel’s off-the-field issues surrounding him, the Browns released the embattled star in 2015. The quarterback would never play another down in the National Football League, cementing his status as an ultimate “what might have been” figure.

However, while Manziel’s brightest days of his playing career took place at College Station, things didn’t go too well for Texas A&M’s football team this past weekend.

#6 Texas A&M faced off against Appalachian State, who just last week narrowly lost to North Carolina in a wild 63-61 finish. However, this time the Mountaineers avenged their close loss by upsetting the Aggies on the road. In a suffocating performance, the Mountaineers beat Texas A&M 17-14 after a poor offensive showing by A&M.

That poor offensive showing prompted Aggie legend Manziel to take to Twitter to joke about filling in for the season.

Fans React to Johnny Manziel’s Tweet

“I’ve got 2 years of eligibility left, right?” Manziel joked on Twitter in a post that received 29K likes and counting.

While Manziel’s remaining eligibility expired the moment he entered the 2014 NFL Draft, the tweet still remains hilarious and reminds us of the glory days of Johnny Football. I’m sure Aggie fans would love if Manziel could serve as the savior of the team this year, but it looks like Jimbo Fisher will have to turn elsewhere.

Fans quickly reacted to the Hesiman Trophy-winning quarterback’s comments on his former team.

“Run it back,” one Aggie fan responded. Another chimed in, writing: “Oh please do it.”

It wasn’t only TAMU fans begging Manziel to suit up again. Even fans in the B1G wanted to see Manziel reprise his role as college football’s rebellious star. “Come back for Iowa plz,” one fan wrote.

“If only,” one fan said, knowing that the idea is simply a pipe dream. One Aggie fan warned Manziel that playing on the team could maybe result in Manziel being injured. “Not sure you want to play behind this line, chief,” one fan commented, alluding to the anemic offensive line play of the 2022 Aggies.

However, while it’s fun to imagine Manziel suiting up again, college football fans and Aggie fans will have to simply wait for the next Johnny Football to emerge.