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Jon Jones Chases Attempted Burglar With Shotgun in Latest Instagram Video

by Chris Haney
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

On Sunday afternoon, UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones posted security footage to his Instagram account of the fighter chasing a burglar off his property with a shotgun.

Jones lives in Albuquerque, NM and caught a would-be thief in the night before he got away with not much of anything. In the video, a man in a red hat is seen walking into view. Four vehicles are parked in Jones’ driveway as the criminal begins to search through the car on the far right.

The thief seems to get into the car with no issues since it looks like the car door was left unlocked. They take their time and even sit down in the driver’s seat to search the car. The burglar then exits the car, passes a large van, and focuses on a parked truck instead. Presumably the truck is left unlocked as well since the lights all come on, however, no alarm is set off. While searching through the truck, the home’s garage door begins to open.

Jones knows something is wrong as the camera captures him calmly walking through the garage towards the driveway. The MMA fighter has his shotgun readied and pointed towards the cars. The thief in the red hat realizes Jones is onto to him and makes his get away. Next, Jones is seen running past the cars and hustling after the burglar with shotgun in tow. You can hear Jones scream “Hey!” at the thief before running off camera.

Jones Chases Down Thief, Confronts Him

The video may not show the conclusion to what happened as the fighter gave chase to the thief. But, Jones did share some further details in his post. Specifically, he says he caught up with the burglar and even tapped on his car window with the shotgun’s muzzle.

“Ended up tapping on this guys driver side window with the muzzle of my shotgun last night. Next time you try to rob someone, make sure you’re fast enough to out run them,” wrote Jones in the Instagram post. “He’s lucky I’m smart enough to not shoot a man while he’s retreating. People I know times are getting hard but your life isn’t worth a few material possessions. What are your thoughts on this video, what would you have done differently?”

Although it’s not clear what happened to the burglar, it’s obvious that Jones is safe and warning others not to make the same mistake. Also, he likely held the burglar at gunpoint until police arrived at the scene. If so, that is a far better outcome than if the suspect came face-to-face with Jones in a UFC ring since he’s widely regarded as one of the best to ever fight in the octagon.