Josh Allen Admits He’s Nervous for Upcoming TV Golf Match with Other NFL Quarterbacks

by Bryan Fyalkowski

As next’s week’s The Match approaches, quarterback Josh Allen is starting to sweat.

On Wednesday, June 1, Allen will pair up with fellow young quarterback Patrick Mahomes to take on NFL veterans Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. The two teams will compete in 12 holes of match play at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas.

Allen and Mahomes are rookies in the event, which will be pinning stars against each other on the golf course for the sixth time since the original Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson matchup on November 23, 2018. Rodgers won with partner Bryson DeChambeau over Brady and Mickelson in 2021. It was the second loss for Brady, who dropped his first appearance – also with Mickelson – against Peyton Manning and Woods in 2020.

‘A Lot of People Will Be Watching’

As Allen prepares for his debut, he admits he is entering a realm where he is a bit uncomfortable.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous,” he said in an interview on Tuesday. “It’s a whole different racket. Like when you’re on the first tee and you get up and you’re shaking uncontrollably, you’ve got to figure it out.”

It is not like Allen is a bad player by any means. He is supposedly a 9.0 handicap, but that actually ranks last among the three other quarterbacks he will be sharing the course with next week. Mahomes boasts a 7.7 and Brady is an 8.1, while Rodgers leads the way with a 4.6 mark.

Even though he is one of the most high-profile quarterbacks in the NFL, Allen’s primary concern is playing in a sport where the spotlight is so individualized.

“Usually you start swinging a little faster when there’s people involved and that’s when the slices come,” he said. “But I’ve played in a couple of these tournaments now where there’s people around, so hopefully my experience playing in some of those can help. But again, I haven’t played in something where it’s going to be nationally televised with … a lot of people watching so it’ll be a learning adjustment.”

The event – sponsored by Capital One – will air live on TNT at 5:30 p.m. CT.