Josh Jacobs Mugshot Shows Large Forehead Wound Sustained in Crash

by Atlanta Northcutt

It’s bad enough for the public to discover you were in a car crash while allegedly driving under the influence. Now, the Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs‘ mugshot has been released. Not surprisingly, it isn’t the most flattering picture of the NFL superstar.

Catastrophic Defeat the Same Day as Remarkable Win

Sadly, Jacobs felt pure bliss just hours before the crash in Vegas. Jacobs had been the shining star of the Raiders’ win over the Broncos. Then the crash changed everything.

Paparazzi and celebrity entertainment reporters capture one of the worst moments of Josh Jacobs’ life. The 22-year-old looks at the camera with the wound stitched up. The laceration and a prominent lump cover the middle of his forehead with a protruding bump and swelling.

Josh Jacobs, Las Vegas Raiders RB, Arrested for DUI

TMZ Sports has obtained the mug shot taken just after the NFL star’s car wreck Monday morning. He is lucky to be alive due to the danger of head injuries.

Photo courtesy of Las Vegas Police Department via TMZ Sports

Jacobs’ doesn’t look mad or as though he’s in physical pain. The look in his eyes is one of disappointment, regret, and a solemn humility.

On Monday morning, Josh was taken into custody on the charge of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. with the crash taking place inside a tunnel near McCarran International Airport. Police arrived on the scene at 4:42 a.m. The scene showed a single-vehicle traffic accident

Police Evidence Against the NFL Player

TMZ Sports obtained new police documents. Officers say Jacobs smelled like booze when they found him at the crash site.

The police reports continue to claim Jacobs was explaining to them why he had crashed. The report specifies “a moderate odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage” was coming from the running back’s breath.

The documents from authorities say Jacobs was bleeding from a “large laceration” on his forehead. The officers state Josh Jacobs told them he believed he’d fallen asleep at the wheel just before the crash.

Jacobs was treated for his injuries at the scene, taken to the hospital, and then transported to the Clark County Detention Center. Once there, the cops questioned him further about drinking and driving.

The cops gave the NFL player a sobriety test while Jacobs laid in a hospital bed. The police claim Jacobs actually passed.

However, police still added Josh “did have a strong odor of alcohol coming from his person.”

The police claim in the early morning hours, Jacobs’ intoxication took place before getting behind the wheel. They also claim to have reviewed and are continuing to look into surveillance video from the crash. Cops report Josh can be placed in custody on suspicion of DUI.

What His Lawyers Are Saying

Jacob’s attorneys, David Z. Chesnoff and Richard A. Schonfeld, firmly deny that Jacobs was drinking behind the wheel.

“We intend to enter a not guilty plea on behalf of Mr. Jacobs if he is ever charged,” they said in a statement.

“No complaint has been filed against our client. There are no blood test results to support a suggestion of impairment,” Jacobs’ lawyers continued.

The incident occurred within 12 hours after Jacobs rushed for 89 yards and two touchdowns. The nail-biting 32-31 victory against the Denver Broncos was the regular season’s final game. Josh, a second-year player, finished the 2020 season with 1,065 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns.