Kane Brown Is Hearing It From Social Media After ‘College Gameday’ Appearance

by Clayton Edwards

 Kane Brown kicked off college football season in style. The country radio sensation had the chance to join the College Gameday crew as their guest picker. It had to be an exciting day, especially for a fan of the game. However, his excitement didn’t exactly translate well on screen. Gameday fans and even some of Brown’s listeners sounded off on Twitter about just how boring the hit singer was on the show.

After seeing the social media dogpile, Kane Brown probably wishes he had gotten lost on his way to the set. To be fair, it seems like most of the show’s audience feels exactly the same way.

However, it wasn’t just a gang of people who already dislike what Kane Brown does sounding off online. One Twitter user, Allbouttheu83, said that he was a fan of Brown’s much but, “What a bland guest picker he was.” That might have been the nicest thing anyone said about the singer on Twitter in the last 24 hours.

The Sound Roasting of Kane Brown

Most people said that Kane Brown was devoid of personality. Brian McGannon summed up their sentiment with his tweet. “Week one post-COVID and you go with Kane Brown, a human-robot, as celebrity guest picker.” They say that emotion sometimes gets lost when translating to the written word. However, the disappointment in that tweet comes through loud and clear.

One Twitter user decided on going a less direct route. Sarcasm never goes out of style.

On the other hand, some fans didn’t think he was just boring. They thought he was also completely clueless. Michael Carmack tweeted, “After that #GameDay segment I’m positive that Kane Brown knows zero about football and has less personality than my front door.”

Some GameDay fans were pretty sure they knew what Brown’s issue was. It wasn’t that he’s a poorly-programmed human robot with no personality. He was just higher than ten hippies in a helicopter.

There was some debate about how he likes to get his buzz, though. One tweet said, “Kane Brown hit the vape pen too hard before his spot on GameDay.”

Another Twitter user suggested that Brown keeps it old-school. “How many bong rips did Kane Brown take in that tour bus right before he came on #GameDay?”

Pac-12 Commissioner Ryan Nanni said that he was fine with the idea of GameDay tapping country singers as guest pickers. However, he wanted to see them “pepper in some suuuuper old ones.”

One fan agreed with Nanni. They added, “I don’t care what Kane Brown has to say about college football (because his music is awful and he’s annoying) but Kristofferson would be electric on a GameDay set.”

The tweet below is the best out of the bunch, though. You have to keep a positive attitude.