Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Returns To Work Following Hospital Stay After Sunday’s Game

by John Jamison

Kansas City Chiefs fans can breathe a big sigh of relief. The team’s fearless leader, Andy Reid, is in “great spirits” and feels better after some scary moments following Sunday’s loss to the Los Angeles Chargers.

After the game, the Chief’s head coach fell ill, prompting transport to The University of Kansas Health System Hospital as a precaution. Fortunately, Andy Reid’s health situation wasn’t too serious, and the team issued a statement saying as much.

“Coach is doing well, currently resting and in stable condition,” the statement read.

Today, it seems that Coach Reid’s feeling much better. He returned to work at the Kansas City Chief’s facilities this afternoon after being released from the hospital Tuesday morning. NFL pundit Ian Rapoport provided an update on “Around the NFL” this morning.

“A very good update to present this morning. Andy Reid has just been released from the hospital and is in ‘great spirits.’ The Chiefs, this according to a statement just released, expect him to return to work either later today or tomorrow morning,” said Rapoport.

It appears that the 63-year old head coach opted to get back to work this afternoon. Ian Rapoport went on to describe one of the things that caused the scary situation. Andy Reid was reportedly dehydrated and is expected to make a full recovery if he hasn’t already.

The Kansas City Chiefs Round Out the Bottom of the AFC West

Nobody saw this coming. Certainly not Andy Reid, who fell ill as the Kansas City Chiefs lost their second game in three weeks. Okay, it’s not very likely that his health scare had anything to do with the loss, but the Chief’s 1-2 record is the surprise of the 2021 NFL season thus far.

The AFC West is a highly competitive division this year. Starting the season in a hole may come back to bite the Chiefs when they try to make their playoff push in a few months. Bear in mind this Kansas City Chiefs team led by Patrick Mahomes has been to the last two Super Bowls. Some even considered this season to be their best opportunity to go undefeated.

Of course, rosters change in the off-season (unless you’re the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, apparently), coaches take new jobs with other franchises. There are several explanations for the Kansas City Chiefs’ underwhelming start. Chief among them is that they turned the ball over four times in the game against the Chargers alone. You can’t expect to win games when giving your opponent that many opportunities.

That said, the Chiefs beat an impressive Cleveland Browns team in Week 1 and lost a heartbreaker to the equally remarkable Baltimore Ravens. There’s plenty of time for Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs to turn this season around.