Kansas City Chiefs Fan Interviewed while Holding Huge Snake At Super Bowl Celebration

by Charles Craighill

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tromped the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl last night, the city of Tampa Bay got pretty crazy. One Kansas City Chiefs fan even decided to walk around the streets with a fully grown boa constrictor. One brave reporter for ABC News was brave enough to interview the man. However, he avoided talking to the snake.

“We are right in the middle of Hines in Tampa Bay,” the reporter began in the crowd of Super Bowl fans. “We’ve got Diamond which is a boa constrictor here, although I don’t think she had tickets to the game. Let me talk to some of these fans. Not the snake. I’ll avoid the snake. That’s a big snake man.”

The reporter seemed like the only individual in the crowd that felt hesitant about the snake. He also looked like one of the only people wearing a mask in the large crowd. However, no one else seemed to mind the presence of the large deadly animal on the block. The reporter went on to ask the fan how he felt about the Super Bowl.

“I’m disappointed,” the fan responded when asked how he felt. “I’m a Kansas City fan, man.”

Tampa Bay Beats Kansas City in the Super Bowl

He likely was not the only one there disappointed with the Chiefs’ loss in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs came in as favorites for the game based on their 14-2 regular-season record and their thrashing of teams in the playoffs. However, the Buccaneers came out looking like the better team.

In the fast-paced Super Bowl, the Chiefs took a 3-0 lead at the beginning of the game. From there, the Buccaneers ran away with it, scoring once more before halftime to bring the score to 21-6. The Chiefs missed two key offensive linemen from the game. This allowed Tampa Bay’s massive defensive front to get after a shaken up Patrick Mahomes who suffered a toe injury a few weeks before. Tampa never looked back from there and Tom Brady led his new team to his world record seventh Super Bowl in his twenty-year career.