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Kansas City Chiefs Fans Get in Massive Brawl Following Home Loss to Chargers: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

While the Kansas City Chiefs have had success in recent years, fans are not very happy about the recent loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. In fact, the Chiefs fans started to brawl with one another after the loss. That’s tough. Gotta know when to lose and when to let things go. However, an afternoon in an NFL stadium can bring out some emotions.

While there is no telling what caused the fight, the loss to the Chargers could be the main suspect. It doesn’t look like things went over well as the game came to an end. Not just on the field but in the stands. This fight was caught by multiple angles as well, letting everyone see exactly what was going down. There are some rough throws and nasty connections.

This was a game that the Chiefs led in the third quarter. Although they went down 14-3 in the first half, things turned around after a 14-point third quarter. They even held the Chargers scoreless in the third. Despite that, the fourth quarter would not be so kind. LA put up 16 points on the way to a 30-24 win. That left Chiefs fans in a bad mood, apparently.

Now, Kansas City is looking at a 1-2 record. Not a great start to the season. In all honesty, Justin Herbert looked like the former MVP. Patrick Mahomes had a rough day with two interceptions and 27/44 throwing. Although he finished with three touchdowns, it wasn’t enough.

Herbert put up 281 yards for four touchdowns. He connected on 26/38 passes and had no turnovers. That was big at the end of this game. This was almost an air-only battle with little traction in the run game outside of Clyde Edward-Helaire and his 100 yards for the Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs Have More Yards, Less Points to Show for It

Despite putting up almost 100 more yards than their opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs couldn’t convert that to points. They had a huge advantage in the run game and played almost even in the passing game.

Turnovers are what really hurt the Chiefs. They even had more plays and far more first downs than the Chargers, 33-21. Looking at the box score, it looks like a Chiefs win. However, they could just not execute down the stretch. One thing you can’t do in a close game, give up 16 points in the fourth quarter. The two fumbles that the Chiefs lost also didn’t help things.

This was a blunder of a game by the home team. I understand why the fans were upset, although the fist-fighting is a bit much. Next week, they have to face off against the Philadelphia Eagles. That game could also end in a loss. If Kansas City heads into the Bills game on October 10 with a 1-3 record, it could be a dire situation.