Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes Says He Has ‘Love-Hate’ Relationship with Hard Rock Stadium

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

The Kansas City Chiefs scored 30 straight points against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday (Dec. 13) and held on to win. Patrick Mahomes did not have his best outing but still propelled KC to a 33-27 victory. The Chiefs also clinched the AFC West title for the fifth straight year with the win.

After the game, Mahomes tweeted that he has a love/hate relationship with Hard Rock Stadium. Mahomes threw for 394 yards and two touchdowns. But, he also threw three interceptions on 24 for 34 passes. This stat line is unusual for the gunslinging quarterback.

Mahomes is a league MVP, winning the award in 2018, and a Super Bowl champion last year. Even though he won the Super Bowl in Miami, Hard Rock Stadium has not been too kind to the superstar quarterback.

After Mahomes tweeted that he has a tough relationship at the stadium, he spoke to the press. The quarterback expands on his thoughts playing in Miami.

“Yeah, I mean obviously the love part, I mean we won the Super Bowl here, and we just clinched the AFC West. So, it seems like every time we leave this stadium, we have a hat of some type of thing we accomplished. But, then the hate part, I feel like I have half of my interceptions, it seems like, at this football stadium.”

Mahomes at Hard Rock Stadium

As Mahomes says, he has had plenty of success in Hard Rock, but there is also a tough trend. Over the two games he’s played in Miami, the quarterback has five interceptions. That is a staggering amount of interceptions in considering his career total. To clarify, the Chiefs quarterback has a total of 25 interceptions in his career.

Mahomes adds some clarification about the tweet.

“Obviously, it’s a little bit of a joke. Whatever ways we win football games, I love it. But at the same time, it’s just ironic that it happened to be at this stadium.”

However, Mahomes is not relegated to weird success across the whole state of Florida. At the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ stadium, he has a lot of success. During his only career game against Tampa Bay, he threw no interceptions and easily won the game.

To be sure, in that game earlier this year, he put up some astonishing statistics. First, he is the first player in history to have 30 completions with 300 passing yards in four straight games. Next, the superstar takes over first place in career passer rating. And finally, he threw for 359-yards in the first half, which is the most in the NFL in forty years.

So, with the Chiefs continuing to roll and the Super Bowl being played in Tampa Bay, there’s hope that Mahomes can have a repeat performance.

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