Kansas City Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill Explains Why He Plays with a ‘Trash Team’ on Madden

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Chris Unger/ Getty Images)

Who is your go-to team on Madden currently? Probably the Kansas City Chiefs, right? Well, for the Chief’s wide receiver, Tyreek Hill, he likes to test his abilities by playing as a “trash team.”

Tyreek Hill currently ranks third among players for receiving yards behind Seahawks’ DK Metcalf and teammate Travis Kelce. 

His team, the Kansas City Chiefs, are sitting at 11 and 1 and the AFC’s number one seed. 

Kelce was recently named to Madden’s elite “99 Club” and was presented the award by the other Chiefs player who is also a member, Patrick Mahomes. In addition, the Kansas City’s Chiefs named Kelce as their nominee for the Walter Payton Man of the Year award. 

Tyreek Hill Congratulates Fellow Kansas City Chiefs Player

In a recent press conference, Hill was asked about his thoughts on his teammate’s achievement. Hill expresses his excitement for his “brother” but also gives a look into his own strategy for the video game. 

“The first thing I was thinking was I’m going to have to deal with two 99’s instead of just one now because believe it or not, my brother, he plays with the Chiefs, and I try to use a trash team on Madden,” Hill explained, according to Heavy. “I’m not going to say a name, but just having two 99s on this team is amazing, but just as far as gameplay, it sucks man, because obviously Pat is amazing, and then you add Kelce in the mix, it’s just unstoppable, so it’s crazy. I’m very excited for him.”

Although Hill didn’t name the team he likes to play, we are fairly confident we could guess. The Jets are currently still waiting for a single win this season. The Jaguars have one win, and the Bengals have two. If we are talking in terms of AFC West, the Chargers hold the last place with three wins and nine losses.