Kansas City Chiefs Unveil Throwback Field for 50th Anniversary of Arrowhead Stadium

by Jonathan Howard

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Arrowhead Stadium, the Kansas City Chiefs are putting down a throwback field design fans will love. It isn’t just the Cleveland Browns that know how to put up an NFL throwback. The Chiefs have been having a great few years with Patrick Mahomes and now they have a big celebration on their hands for the home opener.

The field is going to look just as it did when the stadium opened up 50 years ago in 1972. Since then, the Chiefs have been one of the most iconic teams in the NFL. There could be quite a few throwback unis and designs shown this season.

Will any be as sweet as this one, though?

When that stadium is filled on Thursday Night Football, it will be rocking. The Los Angeles Chargers will be walking into a tornado. Not only facing the Chiefs but having to deal with 50 years of history and fandom as well. The atmosphere could be one of the best of the season.

It seems that Kansas City is going to pick up where they left off last season – scoring wild numbers of TDs and leaving no room for mistakes from their opponents. In the Week 1 game against the Arizona Cardinals, it was a beating of epic proportions. The Chiefs won 44-21 on the road.

Let’s see if the awesome throwback field design provides a little extra something for the Chiefs and their fans.

Kansas City Chiefs Honor Their Past

During the preseason, the Kansas City Chiefs made sure to honor their long and historic past. One of the icons of the Chiefs organization passed away last month. Len Dawson was a Dallas Texan and eventually a member of the Chiefs when the team moved locations.

Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs team made sure to honor the late Dawson. Of course, the former Purdue Boilermaker was with the organization for 13 years. He was there on the team when Arrowhead Stadium opened up in 1972 and he would go on to play for three seasons after that.

The NFL has a ton of history. I’m glad to see teams embracing that history and bringing back some of these great designs. A lot of good art has been put to the wayside for rounded and sleek modern designs. Give me a rough drawing of the past almost every time.