Kansas City Mayor Tells Tom Brady to Retire During Sunday Night Football Game

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

When it comes to sports grudges, they are hard to quit. Apparently, the mayor of Kansas City is still upset at Tom Brady for Super Bowl LV. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs traveled to Tampa Bay for the first time since the 2021 Super Bowl. It felt like the visiting team had something to prove all night.

Whenever politicians get into sports, it can be tricky. You never want to pick sides when it comes to college sports, too many rivalries. But when you’re the mayor of Kansas City, you gotta ride or die for the Chiefs. Mayor Quinton Lucas is here with the trash talk.

Of course, this was in the middle of the game. Kansas City started off fast and was putting up points early and often. However, it is bold to make any statement like this while Tom Brady still has all that time in the game. Fortunately for Mayor Lucas, he didn’t have to delete this because Mahomes and the team took care of business.

Still, this local news anchor wasn’t comfortable with the bold trash talk.

At one point, the Chiefs were running away with the game, but Brady made it very interesting. The Bucs’ offense started to click for a bit and they pulled within 10 points. At that point, no one is safe. Thankfully for Kansas City and their mayor’s Twitter replies, the defense showed up.

If this game had gone the wrong way for the Chiefs, there would no doubt be thousands of replies telling the mayor to retire, memes with Brady where he has red laser eyes, you know the usual.

Tom Brady Falls to Patrick Mahomes

Just like we expected, this was a battle between two excellent quarterbacks. They put on a show for the fans and while it was a little stagnant at times, there was a lot to appreciate here. From Mahomes and his wild athleticism on the field to the calm and collected manner of Tom Brady.

This game just got away from the Buccaneers and there wasn’t enough time to make a comeback. When Brady has to throw more times than his age, you know it’s a tough night out there. Still, 39/52 for 385 yards and 3 TDs isn’t a weak stat line whatsoever.