Kansas QB Jalon Daniels Shocked to Learn He’s ‘Expected to Miss’ Season From Social Media Report

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

How about players disputing their own injury reports? Kansas QB Jalon Daniels was a little surprised to see he is “expected to miss” the season. The college football star suffered a shoulder injury against TCU this past Saturday during an electric game. Kansas started the year 5-0 under his leadership and play.

This all started when a freelance reporter tweeted out about the Kansas passer. He said that Jalon Daniels would be out for the season with a “Grade 3 separation of his right shoulder” citing “sources.”

Daniels had to respond, putting this report on shaky ground.

This season has been really great for not just Kansas but also Jalon Daniels. He has emerged as one of the most exciting and talented playmakers in the NCAA this season. While Jason Bean was great at backup, the Jayhawks are hoping to have their starter back sooner rather than later.

The report from earlier in the day put a damper on things for Kansas fans. However, now it seems that they were too quick to get their hoes down. When the team plays Oklahoma on Saturday, they are most likely not going to have Daniels in the backfield. The QB is officially listed as doubtful.

Still, missing one game and an entire season are two entirely different outcomes. I’d say if Jalon Daniels hasn’t heard anything like that, then it probably isn’t a real report. That remains to be seen, though, I guess.

Jalon Daniels Injury Report Comes From Freelancer With KU Ties

So, the report from Zac Boyer isn’t looking great. So, how did this even happen to begin with? Well, in the age of social media anyone with a checkmark next to their name can say just about anything and folks won’t double-check it. Also, Boyer has previously worked for KUSports of the Lawrence Journal-World.

It definitely doesn’t help that the LJW has not verified this information and he did not pass it through their reporting process.

It really is a crazy sports world out there. People think that everyone knows someone and that means reports like this can happen. Jalon Daniels did suffer an injury to his shoulder. But the severity and type of injury are still unknown. A Grade 3 separation would be serious.

So, let’s hope for the best as this young quarterback looks to continue his breakout season in Lawrence.