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Kelly Stafford Apologizes to Instagram Troll After Savage Clap Back

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

While her husband Matthew is still sidelined with an injury, Kelly Stafford is fighting off trolls and trying to turn the other cheek. It isn’t always easy having a famous spouse. Online NFL fans, and sports fans in general, can be some of the worst trolls around.

Kelly Stafford is active on Instagram. She posts photos of family life, going to games, and more. Not to mention videos and other media on her IG Story. On a photo of Kelly and her three daughters, someone left a rude comment that caused her to reply.

“[Matthew] could have his pick of women so just a little bit of makeup. If you weren’t married you’d have it on,” the comment said, via TMZ.

Uncalled for, rude, and just all around a weird thing to say to someone in person or online. It really was not a huge deal when Kelly decided to respond. After all, that was an insane thing for someone to post. She called him a “typical misogynistic pig. Happy holidays!”

However, being the nice person that she is, Kelly Stafford went back on her clap back. When people come at you with negativity and hate sometimes you stoop to their level and immediately regret it.

Kelly Stafford Takes the High Road

After a little while, Kelly Stafford took down the original response. It was clear that she felt regret for what she said. Even if it was completely warranted after that horrible comment from the troll, she wanted to stay true to her values.

“I resorted to name calling which I truly do not like,” she said in the follow-up. “So I apologize to [the troll], but maybe you should think about if someone said that to your wife or daughters … I’m sure you would be wildly upset.

“I wasn’t upset if you listened to my podcast yesterday, you know I don’t pull confidence from how I look… It’s part of the reason I wear makeup seldomly. It’s a big reason I love my thirties because I am finally comfortable in my skin. I know what I stand for and my values and knowing who I am is what gives me confidence.”

The internet can be a bad place. You can either stoop down to it, or you can rise above it. Kelly Stafford is doing her best to stay above it.