Kelly Stafford Calls Out the NFL as Husband Matthew Stafford Enters Concussion Protocol

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The NFL is taking concussions more seriously and that means that Kelly Stafford is worried about her husband Matthew Stafford being sidelined. Earlier on Wednesday, the LA Rams quarterback was placed in concussion protocol and could be out for some time.

Kelly Stafford Sounds Off on Instagram

Kelly Stafford is not one to keep things to herself and many fans like her for being outspoken. If you follow her on Instagram you might see her IG Stories. Sometimes on her own page, or on her podcast account. That’s where she vented her frustrations on Wednesday.

“If you follow NFL, you just heard Matthew got put into concussion protocol,” she wrote, via E!. “If you have listened to my podcast at all, you know how big a deal it is to me. The head is not something to be messed with…and I hope as this sport develops, so does the concern for head health and the research around it.

“And no, I’m not ok. I have every emotion running through me. Concerned, angry, sad, tired…all of them.”

Ever since Tua Tagovailoa suffered that devastating hit earlier this season, the NFL has been on skates with their concussion response. It wasn’t just one hit for Tua, either. First, it was one in the Bills game. Then in the Bengals game on the Thursday after.

While Matthew Stafford made it through his game on Sunday, and the Rams will hope to have him back on Sunday. When the Rams play the Arizona Cardinals, they might have a backup at QB. Kelly Stafford is reasonably filled with emotions over the whole ordeal.

Rams QB Called Out By Defense

After the Rams lost on Sunday, there was some finger-pointing. All game long the offense struggled. When it came to defense, the team stood tall and did its best to prevent Tom Brady from scoring. Not an easy task. Jalen Ramsey was really not happy.

“The defense should not have had to go back on the field. Simple,” Ramsey said. “Gotta have some dogs who are gonna go get it. We shouldn’t come to the sideline after a big stop like that and our coaches or the other side or whoever telling us, ‘We gonna to need y’all one more time.’ Like what the f—? We just made a big stop, turnover on downs, with a minute and some change left and no timeouts for nobody.”

So, it looks like Kelly and Matthew Stafford have other things to deal with. When you get called out like this by your teammates, it’s hard to get things right again. While we wait for a further update on the QB, Rams nation will be worried about Sunday.