Kelly Stafford Owns Husband Matthew Stafford on Instagram: Social Media Reacts

by Dustin Schutte

Kelly Stafford didn’t mind taking a playful, yet ruthless, jab at her husband Matthew Stafford on Instagram this week. Now, social media is weighing in with its thoughts on the subject.

After leading the Los Angeles Rams to a Super Bowl, Matthew decided to hop onto Instagram. He took the plunge but flexed in his first-ever post, showing off his brand new ring.

Kelly didn’t let that go without offering up a comment of her own. She trimmed part of her husband’s face of the picture and said, “We look good together.” That response received plenty of attention.

Here are just a handful of the reactions from social media:

That’s quite the introduction to Instagram for Matthew. Will he fire back at his wife after her humorous post? Or will he let her win this round without a response?

Matthew Stafford Joins Instagram After Super Bowl Win

After finally winning a Super Bowl ring, Matthew Stafford decided to jump head-first into Instagram. These days, it’s pretty rare to see professional athletes not involved with social media platforms.

Yet Stafford was able to stay away for quite some time. Things must’ve changed after the Super Bowl victory. Now that he’s able to flash that jewelry, he might have a greater purpose to owning an Instagram account. And he had a really strong opening post.

The first image Stafford posted? Him showing off that Super Bowl ring.

Rather than show her husband some support, though, Kelly Stafford decided to fire some shots. It’s all playful banter and it certainly caught the attention of the rest of social media.

Hopefully we get more entertaining posts like this from the Staffords.