Kelly Stafford Has Perfect Response to Matthew Stafford’s Legendary First Instagram Post

by Dustin Schutte

Matthew Stafford‘s wife, Kelly, has jokes. And she didn’t hold back when her husband and quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams finally caved and hopped on Instagram.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Stafford finally jumped into the Instagram world. His first post? A picture of himself with his shiny, new Super Bowl ring. It’s quite the flex from the NFL quarterback.

But the response from Stafford’s wife is actually the story here. It shows just how funny and light-hearted she can be. Oh, and ruthless, by the way.

Kelly decided to cut off most of her husband’s face and put the caption “We look good together,” talking about the Super Bowl ring. The ultimate disrespect — or playful banter between husband and wife.

Matthew Stafford Anticipates More Success in 2022

If he’s lucky, Matthew Stafford might have to endure a few more shots from his wife on Instagram. After the quarterback’s long tenure in Detroit, he finally reached the pinnacle of the NFL. He believes the Los Angeles Rams have a great chance to return, as well.

Now that he’s been in the Rams offensive system for a full year, Stafford believes the team can go above and beyond what it did in 2021. That might mean another Super Bowl ring is in his future.

“At this point in the year last season, I think to myself what I knew about this team and this offense, and it’s just so small in comparison to what I know and understand now,” Stafford said, per “So that gives me great comfort in the fact that we can go above and beyond what we did last year.”

If the Rams make another run to a Super Bowl ring, we’ll be waiting to see what Kelly Stafford has to say on her husband’s next Instagram post.