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Kentucky Derby 2022: Fans React to Rich Strike’s Incredible Long Shot Win

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gunnar Word/Getty Images)

Wow… the Kentucky Derby just finished with perhaps the biggest upset ever with Rich Strike taking the win at 82-1 odds and fans are going to react. This horse wasn’t even supposed to be in this race. 20 horses are selected for the race and most of the time when a horse scratches it is too late to swap in another. That wasn’t the case this year with Ethereal Road scratching on Friday morning. It isn’t the most exciting two minutes in sports for nothing.

Of course, with the huge upset win today, viewers have lost their minds. No one suspected this to happen. 150,000+ were in attendance in person. Millions around the world tuned in. And, all of them saw the long shot take the win.

What a finish.

This race is going to go down in history as one of the most amazing upsets in sports and in horse racing. With this win, Rich Strike falls just under Donerail, the 1913 winner and 91-1 long shot, as perhaps the biggest upset ever.

If you had to compare this moment to anything else in sports, what would it be? For this viewer, Rich Strike came back just like Tom Brady against Atlanta. While one is the GOAT and one is a huge upset, I get the sentiment.

Kentucky Derby fans are always going to react to the amount of money one could win. This person had their mind on the money and money on their mind.

So, what were your reactions, Outsiders? This was one of the best Derby races you could decide to watch. If you missed out on this, I’m sorry. And, if you were watching, I hope you won a little money today.

Fans React to the Kentucky Derby as Rich Strike Wins Big

The Kentucky Derby is about horses, it’s about money, bourbon, and fans that react to the huge moments like this. 82-1 is nothing to bat an eye at and honestly, it might not ever happen again. As the second-longest odds upset ever in the Derby, Rich Strike will go down in history and become a great trivia question answer in the future.

Here in Kentucky, moments like this don’t happen often. The Derby is the one time of year that Louisville and our state are put on display for all to see. While it’s great just to have the day, it is even better when a big win like this happens. So, it might have been another Derby like every other Derby, but 2022 is going to have a big storyline next to it for the rest of forever.

When bets are placed, you never know what will happen. However, those folks that always bet a little on the biggest long shot year in and year out are now rolling in cash. So, can we fast forward to next year’s race?