Kentucky Fans Storm Field After First Home Win vs. Florida Since 1986

by Jonathan Howard

How about those Kentucky Wildcats, y’all? They earn their first home win over Florida since 1986. That is history right there. This was an incredible game. If you love college football, this had everything.

A top-10 team coming into a hostile environment, probably the best Kroger Field has ever seen, and this game came down to the wire. Florida threatened to take this game away to the last second. However, the Cats stood tall and got the win.

For those that don’t get how big this is for Kentucky fans, this is only the second time since 1986 that the Cats have taken down the Gators. It was a 31-year streak that ended back in 2018. Now, it seems Mark Stoops has a team that is ready to compete with the best teams in the SEC, Georgia, and Alabama aside.

It’s a party in Lexington, KY!

While the AP Poll was hesitant to rank the Wildcats after their 4-0 start to the season, this is a signature win that could catapult the Cats into the top-20 or higher. Taking down a No.10 Florida team that pushed Alabama to the brink in a 31-29 loss earlier this season is no joke. That’s a big-time win.

The crowd was amazing and it looked like a classic SEC football environment. The Kentucky Wildcats take down the Florida Gators. 20-13.

How the Kentucky Wildcats Took Down Florida Gators

Will Levis must have felt good after drinking his coffee…extra mayonnaise. The Kentucky QB has made a name for himself on TikTok off the field, now with a win over Florida, he might start getting the respect he deserves on the field.

Truth be told, this wasn’t a game that Will Levis dominated. He had a small stat line of 7/17 for 87 yards and a TD and INT each. It was Chris Rodriguez in the rushing game plus the excellent Kentucky Wildcats defense that got this win for the Cats.

It was the third quarter when Florida was up 10-7 and looked to go up 13-7 with a field goal for about 40 yards. That’s when the insanity broke out in Lexington. A blocked kick popped up in the air right to the Kentucky defender furthest away from the defense.

It looked like a godsend for Kentucky football fans used to being blocked or having a major mistake. The defender ran it all the way back for a touchdown and the Wildcats took the lead 13-10. Florida blocked the extra point.

All night, the crowd at Kroger Field brought the noise and energy. After a year of no crowds in college football, the fans in Lexington were ready to cheer on their team. It was a wild scene to watch. The Gators’ offensive line suffered mistake after mistake and more than a handful of false starts. With the noise of the crowd, the snap count was hard to hear and time.

For the first time since 1986, the Kentucky Wildcats win over the Florida Gators 20-13.