Kentucky’s Oscar Tshiebwe Shocks Fans with Video of Him Eating What Appears to Be Bugs

by Jonathan Howard

There might not be a more likable person in sports than Oscar Tshiebwe, but his latest snack of bugs has some fans cringing a little. If you know Tshiebwe, then you’re aware that he is all about his family and faith. With that said, any time he can get back to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, he is going to take it. It appears he made his way back and is enjoying some local fare.

In a video that was posted to Snapchat and then shared on Twitter by a fan, Oscar is chowing down. “I don’t know what the hell [this is], I’m just eating [it],” he says in the video. He takes a couple of big bites of the food and repeats a couple of times, “That is hella good.”

Look, I’ll trust Oscar Tshiebwe to grab a rebound when you need it, but when it comes to bugs, I might have to sit that one out.

I know that it is my American palette and diet that makes me cringe at videos like this. I mean, almost every culture around the world eats insects in some way or another. However, it’s more of a novelty or a gag in the States, isn’t it? If Oscar says it is good, then it’s good.

I have a feeling that some fans in the Big Blue Nation won’t be so keen on trying the dish. Not many Andrew Zimmern’s out here in the Bluegrass State.

Oh, and Will Levis and his banana peels can take a backseat. Until we see the potential first-round NFL Draft pick try a little of what Oscar’s having.

Reactions to Oscar Tshiebwe and his Bugs Go From Gross to Disgust

There really isn’t any positive consensus on this one, folks. People are eating with their eyes it seems and not giving what Oscar presented a chance. … I mean, I’m not either, but still. This video has BBN torn on their love for all things Big O, and their stomach contents staying where it belongs.

On3‘s Drew Franklin was not having any of this. He just wanted to see it go away.

Honestly, with Oscar Tshiebwe’s new YouTube channel, there might be more of this coming. I’d tune in for an Oscar culinary adventure. If you thought he could rebound last season, after all of this bug protein he might just average 25 a game.